The original Phineabot was a YouTube bot dedicated to providing phamily-friendly fun to server co-owner Phineapoo's YouTube channel.  Commands for this bot could only be used during livestreams, as the bot is only on during those times.  Almost ever since Phin started streaming, this bot has been the pride and joy of Phin's livestreams, allowing users to "fight" each other through commands, earning channel points to do so; these "points" are known as "Doritos" - a tribute to Phin's number 1 form of YouTube pain: Doritos Blaze.
Phineabot will always be a part of Phin's channel, and now a permanent resident of the Rising Dawn Network Minecraft and Discord server(s).

The Discord bot is actually run on our Minecraft server by use of the following plugins:
Skript | Vixio & DiSky | SkQuery | Skellett | Skript-Placeholders | PlaceholderAPI


Phineabot commands can actually be found on the Rising Dawn Network Discord in the #tmc-and-phineabot channel (click on the pin icon to jump to the post);  we may add a page here in the future, but for now visit our Discord to gather and use the commands.



Current logo of both the YouTube bot and Discord bot.  If the YouTube bot logo were to change, the Discord bot logo will also change.

Discord Bot

Preview of the Discord bot in action.
All "Revenge" lyrics must be sung in the dedicated channel #creeper, otherwise the bot will not respond

YouTube Bot

This is what Phineabot looks like on YouTube.  The thing displayed here is a Meme Fight, where two individuals "fight" each other for more Doritos.


Discord server Phineabot updates will be sent to.
Yes, this is the Rising Dawn Network server.

This will be the link to invite Phineabot to your Discord server. You may invite Phineabot to your Discord servers if you wish, but be warned as there are still bugs.