Regular Survival Not Worth It? Tired of Regular Hardcore? News Flash!

We added a life system. More limited than regular survival, but also more forgiving than normal hardcore. The longer you survive and the more things you do on the server, the more server currency you are awarded, which you can use to purchase lives. These lives are not cheap, though, so you will still have to be as careful as normal not to die!

You start with 5 lives, use them wisely! Brains not included.

HardcorePlus Features


Probably our favorite plugin, as we can do so much without needing to code in Java! We're using this for the lives system, in-game currency, and the server's Discord bot: Phineabot!


Yes! Doritos! Earn currency by fishing, killing mobs, mining, etc. The more you have, the more lives you can earn! Be sure to save up a bit though...lives will cost you 100,000 of them!

Custom Advancements

How did we get here? Not only can you earn the normal achievements, you can also earn other achievements we added ourselves! You'll have to go see for yourself on the server...