Ban Appeals

Have you been banned from our server?
Here's how to get unbanned!

Method 1: Discord

  1. Log in or create a Discord account at (or open the Discord desktop/mobile app)

  2. Once done, visit our discord at and go to the #yagpdb-spam channel; then type rd/ticket new Your title here and go to the channel that was created. You can type a brief description here in the title then explain more in the channel created

  3. Next, type ALL of the following:

    • Your Minecraft account name (must be spelled correctly) and your UUID (go to to find your uuid)

    • The date, time, and ban reason (date format dd/mm/yyyy OR Month Day, Year | Example: 03/01/2020 OR March 1, 2020)

    • The player who banned you (if known; if none specified, we will assume it was through Console)

    • Any relevant images or videos (i.e. if you were streaming/recording and you were banned; image of your ban) (optional)

  4. Wait patiently for a support staff member to respond, wait at least 24 hours for a response
    DO NOT ping these members! Once 24 hours have passed, only then can you ping the @SupportTeam role ONCE

Method 2: Form Application

  1. Click here to go to the Ban Appeal form

  2. Fill out the form

  3. Wait at least 48 hours for a response; if you want a faster response, fill out a ban appeal via Discord as described above


  • Most of our staff live in the United States

  • Unless otherwise noted, all times represented on the server and Discord are in EST (Eastern Standard Time | GMT -5)

  • All roles with access to ban players: Owner, Co-Owner, Dev, Admin

  • PLEASE take a screenshot of the "You have been banned" screen, as this will make sure we can easily find why you were banned, and to see if you were banned for an unjust reason (or no reason at all). We will hopefully not use the "The Ban Hammer has spoken!" as a ban reason, and reserve those for plugins we use (GriefPrevention comes with a SmartBan method which can use that message).