Phamily Karts

Boogity, Boogity!

Let's go racin', folks! Enjoy some high octane racing on our custom tracks! Currently with 12 races in 3 different cups, there is plenty to enjoy as you speed around on some of the fastest pigs you'll ever see. With well over 500 oinkpower, these swine can be hard to control, but the adrenaline rush will be worth it! If you apply the minigames resource pack (see links tab for more info), you can also hear custom music that go along with each track! Karts not included. Plugin used: "Racing" by hornta

"Phamily Karts" soundtrack arranged by TobyMinceraft.
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The Redstone Cup

This is a good starting point for newcomers. Tracks are smaller and a bit more mild compared to the others, but that doesn't stop the fun from happening! Learn the track layouts fast for an advantage in this cup!

The Lapis Cup

Time to step it up a notch! Perfect your cornering and learn how to time your "boosts" with the carrot to gain the edge. These tracks tend to be a bit more technical, so be careful, or you'll fall behind fast!

The Emerald Cup

Now that you are good at racing, it's time to test just HOW good. These tracks all have something unique about them, and most of them have multiple shortcuts! It's all about execution in this cup.

We also have more cups in development right now, and we will let you know here when they release! Keep an eye out!!!

Location: /warp Racehub OR /warp minigames (then find the portal)

Server: @ /server risingdawn