Meet The Team

The staff here aren't just regular staff you think they are...they are also amazing YouTube personalities!
Below is a list of these and the rest of the staff team.

The People Behind-The-Scenes

TobyMinceraft (Owner)

The head honcho...the ruler of everything...the primary owner of the server.
Toby is the one who is actually keeping the server online, the one who researches the most plugins. Generally speaking, if you see something on the server that would normally not be on a different server...thank Toby.

Phineapoo (Co-Owner)

The one-and-only YouTube-sensation, a former Minefaire Rising-Star and, overall, a great guy! He definitely knows the differences between a good stream and a great stream, has a knack for creativity (he made the server logo), and is the reason behind our awesome communities (he has one; find it here)

Other Awesome People


A former admin. Not active as much as she'd like to be but can and will answer basic questions. She helped us beta test server features, to better serve our wonderful community!


A former dev on the server, also known as Fedora Guy or Kendon Brown on YouTube. This is the guy behind our former Decrafter datapack.