Rising Dawn Network

Welcome to the official website of the Rising Dawn Network! This is where you can get all of the news and information about the server, as well as get into contact with us!

- The Welcome tab is all links to downloads (such as resource packs), our YouTube channels and Discord server, and other ways to contact us about issues.
- The Gamemodes tab will give you information about the main modes we offer.
- The Minigames tab will tell you about all our different minigames! Several are custom built by the community, and are updated in-game frequently.

Check out the images down below for easy access to some of the amazing things we offer!

Pictured: The former Network Lobby (with shaders) | Photo Credits: Naphthalin / unbunnykay

Welcome to Rising Dawn

Server  Status

- Java (1.13 - Latest)
- Bedrock (Latest Stable Release)
Server IP: Check each server page
Bedrock Port: (varies)
Website: www.risingdawn.fun
Discord: discord.risingdawn.fun

General  Info

Countdown to
Server's Birthday