Phamily Maze

The Community Maze to End All Mazes

The "Phamily Maze" is a whopping 100x100x150 ginormous structure, being built 80% by hand by a large number of players. The original build has ceased to exist as it was on a different server, but we've rebuilt it. While it's not the same as it was, it's even better: our wonderful server community built each level skeleton by hand, while the owner TobyMinceraft worked his WorldEdit magic to finish building up the layer. All of the building has been video documented, which you can find primarily on Phineapoo's channel (just search Phamily Maze). This maze will (hopefully) be one of many more to come.

CURRENT RECORD HOLDER: 3wet6r with 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 6 seconds.

Submit your time by either taking a screenshot of the final time or linking a video of your run with the final time in it, and submitting it to the Discord server (Link in the Links tab). Time must be done by the server timer. If accepted, your record time will show up here!

Location: /warp maze

Server: @ /server risingdawn