Let Your Creativity Run Wild!

Default plot is 100x100 (Bedrock to Build Height), but you have default access to 4 plots (200x200 in total!)

This is where Phineapoo does most of his streaming, building new minigames with the "phamily" (misspelling intentional), but more recently new tracks for the "Phamily Karts" minigame! So long as you connect your Discord account to Minecraft, you have free access to WorldEdit in the plots world! Simply type /discord link in-game and follow the instructions.

Creative World Features


Link your Discord and Minecraft accounts to receive FREE access to WorldEdit! You then can use the basic WorldEdit plugin tools and commands.


To get the best-possible plot experience, we're using the PlotSquared plugin. By dfault, you have access to 4 plots, but then access to 6 upon linking your Discord and Minecraft accounts!

Original Home of the "Phamily Maze"

The Creative World is the home of Phineapoo's every build and pretty much every minigame on our server. Run command /warps to see a list of some of them!